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Special Educational Needs & Disability Information, Advice & Support Service

Past Events

In 2019 SENDIASS Southend launched a training and information programme.

Free training about SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) in education, health and social care is delivered to children and young people with SEND, their parents or carers and a range of professionals.

To date, we have provided FREE training to over 2,700 parents, carers, children, young people and professionals at our face to face and remote events. 

Training and information events delivered January - July 2019

  • SEN Support in Schools – (SENDIASS)
  • Speech Language & Communication Needs – (Southend Specialist Teacher)
  • ADHD & ADD – (Carillon)
  • Dyslexia – (Ruth Gravelle)
  • Behaviour that Challenges – (Carillon)
  • OCD & ODD (Carillon)
  • Autism – Supporting Behaviours of Concern – (Geoff Evans)
  • Autism – Supporting Anxiety & Stress – (Geoff Evans)
  • Autism – Happiness, Welling being & Meaningful Lives – (Geoff Evans)
  • Autism – Living in a Sensory World – (Geoff Evans)
  • Sensory Processing – (Donna Boygle)
  • Dyspraxia & Developmental Coordination Disorder – Occupational Therapists (Lighthouse Child Development Centre)

Training and information events delivered September 2019 - July 2020

  • SEN Support in Schools (SENDIASS)
  • Parents & Professionals in Partnership (SENDIASS & CCG)
  • Makaton Stage 1-3 (Speech and language therapist)
  • Makaton Friendly Accreditation (Speech and language therapist)
  • Developing Stronger Relationships Through Positive Connection (Trauma-Informed Schools UK)
  • Autism - Anxiety and Me (Dean Beadle)
  • Autism – Supporting Siblings (Geoff Evans)
  • Autism - PDA - Pathological Demand Avoidance (Geoff Evans)
  • Autism - Supporting with Adolescent Sexuality and Boundaries (Geoff Evans)
  • Sensory Processing (Sensory OT Donna Boygle)
  • Autism - Social, Emotional & Sensory Needs (Dean Beadle)
  • Trauma Training for Professionals - (Trauma-Informed Schools UK)
  • Sensory Processing - Occupational Therapists (Lighthouse Child Development Centre)
  • Lego Therapy - How to deliver Lego Therapy for teaching professionals (Bea Inclusive)
  • Sensory Workshops - Slime Time (Stax of Creations, delivered remotely)
  • Lego Activities - Develop play and interaction skills at home (Bea Inclusive, delivered remotely) 
  • Autism - Live Q&A via Zoom (Dean Beadle)
  • Autism - Live Q&A via Zoom (Dean Beadle & Geoff Evans) 

Southend Parents and Professionals in Partnership Event  November 2019

SENDIASS co-hosted a free Parents and Professionals in Partnership event with the Southend CCG.

Professionals from 36 Health, Education and Social Care Services across the Southend Borough were available to meet and chat to.

240 people attended the event and from speaking to practitioners, gained a better understanding of the services available to children and young people with special educational needs.  

Training and information events delivered September 2020 - July 2021

  • Disabled Children & Young People – 'The Law In A Day’ (Steve Broach, Public Law Barrister) 
  • Autism - 'Anxiety and me'  (Dean Beadle)
  • Dyslexia - For parents 'Supporting parents in the home' (Helen Arkell) 
  • Dyslexia - For professionals  'Supporting learners in the classroom' (Helen Arkell)
  • Autism - Live webinar for teaching professionals, including impacts and effects of 20-21 (Dean Beadle)
  • Safeguarding - For professionals

Expression of interest

To express interest in attending our free training and information events, please contact us by phone or email to register. 

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